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Hello Prospective Adoptive Applicant(s)! Welcome to Brightside Adoption Connection! We’re a licensed & private adoption agency located in Hudson, Ohio. We would like to thank you for your interest in adoption and in our agency. We hope this website will be informative and helpful as you prepare for your adoption.First, let us introduce you to our organization. Brightside Adoption Connection was founded by adoption professionals with decades of experience in the field, and who have together completed thousands of homestudies and adoptions. Our staff is comprised of licensed social workers and counselors who hold Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in social work, counseling, marriage & family therapy and other adoption related disciplines. These qualifications give us unique insight, compassion and love for birth parents, adoptive families and especially adopted children.At Brightside Adoption Connection it is our goal to serve both adoptive families and birth parents by providing them with a positive adoption experience. We will continually strive to do so through education, opportunity, information, service and compassion.


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All of our programs are accessed and completed electronically! While utilizing our world class, state of the art case management system, you’ll enjoy seamless tracking, real time alerts, quick feedback, electronic signatures and online payments. Don’t worry about mailing anything in or sending cumbersome corrections back and forth! Upload it and forget about it!
Adoption Homestudies
(New Applicant? Please Apply for This Service First!)

The law requires that all adoptive applicants have a homestudy completed. A homestudy is a detailed look into an adoption applicant’s family history and upbringing. The homestudy is completed by a specially trained adoption professional – well versed in adoption related issues. The process includes home visits, autobiographies and background checks. This is a learning time for both the adoptive family and the adoption worker. The homestudy process helps both sides determine if the family is ready to adopt.
Standard Homestudy (2-4 month turn around)
Fee: $1650

Expedited Homestudy (30 day turn around)
Fee: $3150
Post Placement Services (No Wait List!)
After an adoptive placement has occured in your home, there are a series of visits that must occur up until your adoption is finalized. Even if Brightside Adoption Connection did not complete your adoption placement, we can still complete post placement visits as required by your agency. Each post placement visit is accompanied by a post placement visit report. BAC will write up the post placement report and send it to the placement adoption agency you are working with.
Fee: $500 per visit, per child
Technology Fee: $0 – $150
Large Family Assessment (No Wait List!)
A specific assessment required when there are 4 or more children living in the home prior to starting an adoptive homestudy.
Fee: $825 (standard) $1575 (expedited)



Homestudy Update (No Wait List!)
A homestudy update is required prior to the expiration of a current homestudy.
Fee: $825
Technology Fee: $0 – $150
Homestudy Conversion (No Wait List!)
For applicants who have already completed a domestic homestudy and wish to adopt internationally.
Fee: $1000
Technology Fee: $0 – $150
Homestudy Amendment (No Wait List!)
Required if there are any major changes in your family circumstances such as, but not limited to: job changes, income changes, household member changes, or changes in adoptive characteristics you are willing to consider.
Fee: $300
Technology Fee: $0 – $250
Adoption Placement Services (No Wait List!)
Once you’ve completed the homestudy process and you’ve been approved to adopt – you can move on to adoption placement. This service includes assistance with identifying a child to adopt, profile counseling and creation, adoption related counseling, legal assistance with finalizing the adoption, and referrals to other agencies as needed.

Domestic Adoption Fee: please call for details
Technology Fee: $0 – $250
Some financial assistance may be available.
Adoption Consulting (No Wait List!)
Comprehensive assistance with evaluating matches, navigating adoption resources, locating adoption professionals – such as social workers and attorneys, and problem solving during any stage of the adoption process.
Fee: $500+
Technology Fee: $0 – $150
Expedited Services (No Wait List!)
A request to expedite any service. Not all services can be expedited. Please inquire.
Fee: $700
Technology Fee: $0 – $250
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