Refund Policy

Payment remitted to initiate any service is non-refundable. Client understands and agrees that by completing an application for services and making a payment that this agency immediately starts performing preparatory and/or direct work on their behalf and at such time does not schedule or work on the behalf of other clients. In the event that the client does not attend a scheduled appointment, cancels the service, or drops out of the process, for any reason, the agency shall suffer losses for time involvement, time lost, and/or not being able to schedule or complete work on the behalf of other clients. As such, client agrees that, in the event they are unable to pursue or complete the service paid for, that any and all paid fees shall be ¬†forfeited by client and paid to the agency as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty. By utilizing this website’s application to apply for any program, and remitting payment, client agrees that they have read this policy and understand the aforementioned.