Why Choose Us

Brightside Adoption Connection operates under the premise of 5 very simple – yet extremely important concepts that makes it easy for you to choose us!

We strongly believe in the  the 3 C’s, P and T (C.C.C.P.T)

We only advocate for situations and placements that are right for your family  
Competence :
We maintain a network of adoption counselors throughout the state of Ohio. All of our adoption professionals have extensive experience in  adoption and are licensed in social work, counseling or other related fields
Chemistry :
Our team personality is built around the premise of solidarity and advocacy, which translates into a five star experience for you
We’re oozing with it! You’ll sense right away that we love what we do!
The most impressive feature that sets us apart from other agencies, is our state of the art and innovative case management system. All services and associated paperwork are completely managed through a convenient electronic system. You’ll enjoy seamless tracking, real time alerts, quick feedback, electronic signatures and online payments. Don’t worry about mailing anything in or sending cumbersome corrections back and forth through the mail! Upload it and forget about it!

We emphasize the above because “if an organization attempts to function while missing any component of the C.C.C.P.T.” – clients will leave quickly.

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